“Vaughan’s approachable and outgoing demeanor quickly put us at ease”

My husband and I had the absolute pleasure of completing the Basic Cruising Standard with Vaughan at Underway Sailing. We were both a bit nervous about the course as we didn’t know what to expect, but Vaughan’s approachable and outgoing demeanor quickly put us at ease.

After a fast and fun 4 days with Vaughan, we went from knowing absolutely nothing to feeling completely confident with handling a sailboat, safety protocols and rules at sea. The one-on-one time that we received was instrumental in reinforcing our familiarity and knowledge of sailing.

I highly suggest Underway Sailing for their professional and enjoyable instruction. Whether you want to get your Sail Canada certification or are looking to become a first time boat owner, their course is a must-do!

– Rob and Jenn Willis

“Vaughan was a phenomenal instructor”

I took a group weekend long sailing lesson with Vaughan Johansen as instructor. There were five students and Vaughan instructed us for our sailing course. Vaughan was a phenomenal instructor. He is patient, clear, and directive enough to create a solid structure (especially important for beginners like me) without crimping our creativity. He was a delight to be with for two long long days. His inter-personal skills are very good. He has a great combination of laid back (which stimulates relaxation which in turn I think facilitates learning) but incredibly targeted, directed and clear about goals and skills required to get to these goals.

I have taught students for a quarter of a century and have taken enough classes from others to recognize a very very good teacher when I see one. Vaughan is in the category.

– Aleck Ostry, Professor, Canada Research Chair, University of Victoria