“Vaughan’s approachable and outgoing demeanor quickly put us at ease.”

– Rob and Jenn Willis

“Vaughan was a phenomenal instructor.”

– Aleck Ostry, Professor, Canada Research Chair, University of Victoria

Questionnaire from Great Slave Lake Sailing school 2011

What Words Would You Use To Describe the Instructor and His

  • Skilled, direct, clear, respectful, constructive criticism, positively reinforcing
  • Calm, thorough.
  • He was clearly a very experienced sailor and instructor. Instruction was timely and always clearly explained.
  • Enthusiastic, pleased to be here, calm, knowledgeable.
  • Calm, thorough, clear, experienced.
  • Enthusiastic, personable
  • Excellent – would take another course from the instructor
  • Relaxed, friendly
  • Knowledgeable, patient, good at thinking on the fly and contingency planning, good sense of humour
  • Clear, patient, honest
  • Calm, experienced
  • Informative, very pleasant
  • Knowledgeable, open to questions, patient
  • Very patient, very calm, and super friendly!! Thanks Vaughan!
  • Conscientious, made sure we learned properly
  • Very helpful and calm; kept everyone on track but never made things stressful