Introduction to Boating

Introduction to Boating is an excellent way to ‘get your feet wet’ without actually getting wet feet. Covering boat safety, nautical terminology, wind direction and the principles of sailing, this course provides students with the experience needed to be active crew.

Start Keelboat Sailing

Start Keelboat Sailing immediately gets students into an on-the-water mindset. Covering sailing technique, “rules of the road”, anchoring, docking and crew overboard recovery, this course is an excellent introduction to sailboat handling and the cruising lifestyle.

Basic Cruising Standard

Basic Cruising is the gold standard introduction course for those who want to become serious sailors. In the Basic Cruising Standard, students demonstrate their skills and knowledge on: nautical terminology, boating safety, boat systems, trip planning, navigation and sailboat handling. In gaining these skills, students learn about positive communication, teamwork and even leadership as they train to command a crew and a vessel.